She Was Forced

October 11, 2008

It was Monday morning. My neighbor started to yell at her child “you stupid child come here where do you think you are going?!” Jane told her mother that she was going to school.

My neighbor said to Jane that she is nothing but a hypocrite and liar. “But mommy, I am not a liar, I am going to school.”

Jane’s mother refused. Jane asked where she was supposed to go and her mother said that she was going to be married. Jane was shocked by the news.

Jane said, “no mother! I am not ready to be married to that old man. I am sorry, please mommy, what I need now is to go to school. I am too young to be married.”

My neighbor was so surprised when Jane said that, she started to laugh at her child saying, “ooh my, Jane you are not as young as you think.”

Jane was only 16 years old. “Do you think it’s fair to do this to me mother?” My neighbor replied with a yes.

Jane was in so much pain. All she wanted was to go back to school. But her mother was forcing her and if she did not marry this guy, she would be forced to leave home. So she did.

I don’t think that this is good for these young girls because I feel like they are my sisters. So please, I am asking you parents to stop abusing your children like this with early marriages.


The Killer

October 4, 2008

Once I was with my great friend. Her name was Judy and she was a good friend of mine. She would usually come to visit me at home.  


She was my only friend but we were not friends for long.


It was on Wednesday morning when my friend came to greet me, but she left after a few minutes. I heard the voices of three men who said, “you girl, come here, where do you think you are going?” My friend ran because I was there.


Thursday morning, my friend came and said, “ooh my, here you are my dear. You are still here.” She thought I was supposed to be at school. I asked her, “where do you want me to go?” She said, “I want you to go and buy some Mira,” I was shocked.


“Jesus of Nazareth, are you stupid?” I asked.


She started to cry and said, “why are you preventing me from doing this?” I told her to do it at her own risk. She ran and ran to buy some drugs like bhang, alcohol and cigarettes. She started to smoke and drink.


When she was enjoying her drugs, she got sick as the drugs desired. The doctor said that she was sick because of the drugs that she was taking all the time.


After some days, she was feeling better but soon after, she started to drink alcohol. She finished her drink and went home, she said it was time for people to go to sleep. She ran outside where she was raped and killed. She wouldn’t have died if she was not taking drugs.


September 27, 2008

Along the streets, people trade in all sorts of things, ranging from legal to illegal items. Hard drugs are being sold to boys and girls along the streets and the illegal trade is booming.

Once, a boy called, ‘Peter,’once started taking the hard drugs, mainly miraa smoking marijuana,( bhang) and chewing miraa. What started as a joke, became a habit and he could no longer do without either of the two.

When the long arms of the law caught up with him, he could not run away not even hide. He was arrested, by the police, beaten up but could not feel the pain as he was very high.

Immediately, after his release,he got himself into trouble once again, when he beat up a pregnant woman. He was sentenced into three months imprisonment. Since he was not taking drugs in prison, he came out almost a changed person.
But he still had the memory of drugs. People told him to not continue with the drugs but he did not want to listen to anybody. He wanted to beat people with stones or anything he had. He even wanted to cut his mother with a knife but his mum hit him with a stone.

He continued taking drugs and could not leave it anymore.He could no longer provide for himself and gave in to stealing, so that he could buy more drugs. It did not take long before he was arrested again and jailed.

By the time he came out from the jail, he stayed home for few days before he seriously fell ill and passed on.

He was Saved

July 26, 2008

It was Wednesday morning. I was across the road, I was going to school where I am learning my college, and I saw a boy sniffing gum. I was so sorry for the boy because he was to young to sniff the glue.

After a few minutes the boy was going to search for food so he could eat. When he was walking he collected a piece of paper so he could keep his food. When he was walking, he saw a church and he entered inside where he found a pastor preaching. He sat down and listened to what the poster was preaching. The boy found a bible then he prayed. Then God helped him, he was praised by the blood of Jesus.

When he was going home he met with his friends. The boys asked him “Where have you been?” The boy answered “I was inside the church and I am praised by the blood of Jesus.”  The boys laughed and laughed at him but he was so sorry for the boys, he was so pleased to be with God.

Why Us After Election?

July 12, 2008

It was a Tuesday, in the morning, a day like no other day.It was just a few days after the election results were announced.

There was tension all over in Kenya and tribalism had taken course. Brothers and sisters turned against each other. Killing was the order of the day. Children were not spared either.

As a man was passing by heading home,”Mathare,” he came across rowdy youths who ordered him to surrender and identify himself. He was asked what tribe he was, immediately he replied that he was a Kenyan, they pounced on him ruthlessly, chanting slogans of war.

As the man ran across the road to save his dear life, they ran after him and started pelting stones on him, hitting him with wooden rods and waving pangas. The man cried, begging for mercy but all that fell on deaf ears. They wanted to complete their evil mission.

When the police arrived, it was already too late as chaos was all over. They tried to quell chaos by throwing teargas and shooting in the air, but  the crowd was not shaken at all.

People lost lives,property was damaged, husbands became widowers,wives became widows,children were orphaned and those who once had shelter were left homeless.

Those who neighbors turned against them had to go and seek shelter and safety under tents that the government had provided. They were no longer residents, rather internally displaced persons in their own country.

Leaders who people fought for, are less concerned with the welfare of these people. When will the government pay up for these crimes?